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Eating Tuk Chun and Lengto in Jos

If there is one thing Berom people love, it is chun (acha in Hausa and fonio in English).

They eat it in so many different ways. For breakfast in Jos, I decided to try chun pudding, which is one of Berom people’s breakfast meals.

They boil the rice till it’s soft then add milk and sugar. It felt like eating oats and is very similar to rice water, a Ghanaian breakfast dish. The Chun pudding was really yummy. I loved it and finished it! I’d give it a solid 8/10!

In the afternoon, I wanted to try the swallow version of chun, the Berom people call tuk chun (tuwo acha in Hausa). I ate it with the Berom traditional soup, Lengto. Lengto is made with Beniseed, garden egg and zobo leaves spice I believe. You are supposed to break the garden egg and mix it in the soup to add flavor. They made it the traditional way for me without any salt or maggi. So all I could taste was the vegetables.

You can watch my experience in the video below.

I didn’t enjoy the tuk chun and lengto as much as the chun pudding but I managed to eat like four bites. I think I tried 😂

Don’t you guys think so?



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