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Hi! I'm Olúwãlanú

I am a writer, illustrator, and culture blogger from Lagos, Nigeria.


In 2017, I started a company called IheartLagos with the aim of showcasing Lagos culture in a unique and fun way.


That journey took me down an exciting path, discovering and learning so much about Nigeria. At the start of 2021, I began traveling around Nigeria to learn, experience, and share the beautiful cultures of the different ethnic groups I had read so much about. 

In May 2022, I took my cultural exploration to the rest of Africa with my first trip to Rwanda.


African cultures are vibrant, rich and fun! I believe the problem is just how they have been portrayed to us. In Africa, we have so many stories to tell and so much to share with the rest of the world.


I hope this journey I've started will showcase the value of our cultures.  I also hope it will inspire people to buy more African products. This is why in 2021, I repurposed iheartLagos into IHUNAYA, an African lifestyle brand that offering products made from centuries-old African tradition and craftsmanship. IHUNAYA aims to uplift many African artisans, whose beautiful work has been undervalued, under-appreciated, and under-demanded for far too long.  


So if you believe in my mission, tell a friend about my blog and tell that friend to tell a friend! Be a part of this journey with me and help me grow the knowledge of our beautiful African cultures. 




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