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Dancing Ugho in Benin

Hey guys, I'm Oluwalanu and welcome back to my blog!

Today in Benin, we are exploring the popular Benin dance called Ugho. On my last day in Benin, I arrived at the cultural center to finally do my okuku hair. I had been so excited to do it the entire trip so I couldn’t have imagined being even more excited.

I had asked my mom to help me arrange for someone at the cultural center to teach me a few steps of the popular Benin dance, Ugho. We were both shocked when all the dancers started changing to do a full performance with me 😳😄

I always say this but traveling around Nigeria throughout this year and connecting with Nigerians on a cultural level has shown me a completely different side of Nigerians. I have never experienced Nigerians more friendly, welcoming, and generous with their time.

I’m super grateful to everyone who made my trip to Benin so amazing. Thank you to everyone at the museum, the bronze casters at Igun street and the dancers and hair makers at the cultural center. And of course, thank you so so so much to my mama! ❤️

This was definitely an unforgettable experience! Oba ghato kpere ise!



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