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Dance Ekombi like the Waves of the Ocean

I’ve been obsessed with Ekombi dancers for like a year now so on day two in Calabar, I decided to style my hair like some of the Ekombi dancers I’ve seen. I had no idea that that day I would actually get to learn some of the moves of this popular dance.

Ekombi is the most popular dance in this part of South- Eastern Nigeria. The dance is also done by the Ibibio and Ejagham. I’m not sure where exactly the dance originated. My tour guide and I visited the Calabar Cultural center, hoping to see some of the dancers practicing. But, they had finished for the day. However, one of the dancers, Cecilia was gracious enough to take me to their practice space and teach me a few moves.

Before we danced, she explained how in the Ekombi dance, the dancers move their limbs like the waves of the ocean. It is so interested to see so much of the culture being tied to the water from the food to the Ekpe masquerade and now the dance.

Side note, sorry for my video quality. I will definitely start traveling with a tripod from now on. But yeah, watch me make a fool of myself a bit 😂😂 Special thanks to Cecilia and everyone at the Calabar Cultural Center! ❤️

By the way, what traditional Nigerian dance would you love to try?

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