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I love Traditional Berom Architecture

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I’m so happy to finally be able to feature traditional architecture for one of the ethnic groups. I looove traditional African architecture.

Our traditional architecture is so beautiful and intelligently built to accommodate a family. It’s funny because nowadays a lot of people find it strange for extended family to live in the same compound but traditionally that is the African way. We are a collectivistic society. People move out of their nuclear family house and build their own house right beside.

The Berom traditional house is especially interesting because of their use of cacti to fence their homes. The plant is still everywhere in Jos and still a big part of their culture. The locals still use the plant for protection, hiding behind it or cutting to use as weapons against attackers.

These houses look so nice, I wish everyone could see them up close in person. I always say it’s funny to me that living in huts has become synonymous with poverty when it’s actually just a different style of architecture. They can be built big or small. I mean Naomi Campbell did it with her house in Kenya. Go on YouTube to watch her house tour.



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