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Playing Traditional Berom Instruments in Jos

On the first day in Jos, I also visited the Jos museum. After visiting a few museums around the country, I love seeing how different the national museum is in each city. However, I’m really tired of this their no videos or pictures rule. The Jos museum was quite nice and highlight was their pottery exhibition. They had pottery from like 50 different ethnic groups around the country.

However, while planning my trip to the museum what I really wanted to see were the traditional Berom instruments. I had to go to the museum gift shops to be able to get pictures and videos of the musical instruments.

Music is such a great part of Berom culture to the point that they have unique musical instruments they make to play their music.

Kundung is one of the most popular Berom instruments. This is the one I’m attempting to play in the video. It’s very similar to a xylophone. The second instrument in the video is a local guitar but I didn’t get the name. Will definitely be doing more research.

The instrument above is called gwashak. It is a percussion instrument made from dried cacti. Cacti is a very important plant for Berom people and serves so many functions.

The Berom also have a lot other instruments like flutes and drums. Which Berom Instrument do you know?



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