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Visiting Gbong Gbom Jos

While in Jos, I had the honour of meeting his highness Gbong Gbom Jos (the king of Jos), the paramount ruler of the Berom people. I went to see his highness with some people who wouldn’t want to be on this post lol. However, I listened while they had a conversation with him.

I was really happy and grateful I got to meet him because just as a person, I truly admire him. His highness spoke a lot about religious and cultural tolerance and how important it is for us to respect one another. These are things I firmly believe in and always preach.

I told him about my project and he was very excited and offered to give me any data I needed on Berom culture.

At the palace, I couldn’t help but notice how the garden around the compound was arranged. There are different symbolisms that are important to Berom people. One is the rocks because Jos has many huge rocks and another is Cacti. The Cacti and rocks were all around the palace and compound and even inside some of the rooms.

I love meeting traditional rulers because they are the backbone of our culture. Their institutions are one of the few ways our culture is still preserved today.



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